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  • V I N T A G E - A R C H I V E S

  • Bespoke. Handcrafted. Eclectic. Artisanal.
  • 'Wild Wanderings'

  • Exclusive UNISEX Collection with Sterling Silver Trims
  • An Exclusive Gifting Experience...

  • Curated Artisanal Gift Boxes

V I N T A G E - A R C H I V E S

Bespoke. Handcrafted. Eclectic. Artisanal. EXPLORE COLLECTION

'Wild Wanderings'

Exclusive UNISEX Collection with Sterling Silver Trims EXPLORE COLLECTION

An Exclusive Gifting Experience...

Curated Artisanal Gift Boxes PRE - ORDER HERE!

'A Thing of Beauty is Joy Forever'

Believed John Keats....

And we, at 17th Art Street, deeply romanticise with his philosophy ! 

Solely driven by creative zeal, we are a tiny two year old, humble, home-grown Art-Studio; based out of Bengaluru, India. We offer exclusive bespoke art collectibles. Soulfully conceived, lovingly handcrafted & patiently hand-finished, by our co-founder and in-house artist, Aalie Tandon.

When you invest in a 17th Art Street creation, you truly own it for a life-time, because, each piece is distinctly artisanal, and only one-of-its-kind.

None of our offerings have identical twins; unless custom-made-to-order, in our signature dried-flower & mixed-media style, across all our categories; ensuring the creation you own, remains truly and uniquely yours. Forever...

  W A R M   G R E E T I N G S 

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Being a minimalist and sceptical buyer, it’s hard for me to not analyse things before I buy them... and I m sort of an anti-gifting person too unless I know what my loved ones would really get happiness from... Aalie’s creation melted my heart away, and can do the same with anyone’s.. perfect for gifting your loved ones... I bought an elegant neck piece and didn’t think twice before I called dibs on it.. looked like it’s made for me.. exclusively ..to wear it on a very very special occasion.

17thartstreet has grown so much with meticulous art creations .. I’ve been following their post regularly and Kudos to the team for such beautiful detailing in  every possible way.. both husband and wife are a perfectionist and it’s their instinct behaviour that brings the best in 17thartstreet’s creations..

Nasreen Ahmed

I am a happy owner of some of the exclusive jewellery, crafted by Aalie and had the privilege of sharing a couple of gifts as well with friends, who cherish them a lot.

To me, it is intelligent art - each piece has a story, a name, a thought that lingers and the attention to detail, play of colors and the craftsmanship sing out - Importantly, it is clear that Aalie cultivates the relationship with her clientele. with care and enthusiasm. I am impressed by the joint efforts of this young, creative couple and I wish them a star-spangled journey ahead !

Love and strength to you.

Dr. Anita Victor

I would like to share my thoughts on Aalie. She is complete both professionally and personally to make the beautiful person she is both within and outside. She exudes patience, understanding of her clients requirements, is open to ideas and thereby exhibits the final product to match the clients expectations. It's a rare quality.

Aalie's workmanship is crisp, neat , intricate. Her designs and color combinations are soothing and healing. One would enjoy her items which are priced well, for both personal use as well as gifting.

I would definitely recommend her product to anyone who likes quality over quantity.

Rohini Soni

Aalie and Devanshu ,I must confess that the creativity in every product displayed , has an aura of genuine happiness ,

Congratulations and God Bless you with the best always and forever 

Mrs. A. Sujayalakshmi