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Our Story

17th Art Street by Aalie Tandon, Bespoke art studio Bangalore

“A Thing of Beauty, is Joy Forever”

- John Keats


This quote by the ace poet John Keats’ is the underlying essence of the creations from the house of 17th Art Street by Aalie Tandon. Ever since its inception, two years ago in 2018, 17th Art Street has been a conscious effort to be as fulfilling and as expressive to its maker as to its audience.

Offering one of a kind original eclectic abstract art creations comprising paintings, accessories & decor; most of the offerings integrate healing energies of real semi-precious crystals, the alluring charm of preserved real flora and other natural elements , combined with the serenity of the calming oceans. The atelier was co-founded by Aalie and her husband Devanshu. The process of conceptualising, hand-crafting and hand-finishing gets taken care of by Aalie, who is the artist and the maker, while Devanshu is the ‘unofficial integral’ fueler, indispensable to the efficacious rolling of the brand’s wagon.


Aalie and Devanshu, founders at 17th Art Street by Aalie Tandon


This venture was truly ‘A Pursuit of Happiness”, started by the couple as an attempt to re-instill self-assurance and fulfilment, nothing less of a renaissance in their lives, when nothing seemed to be going the right way; throwing into oblivion; every philosophy and the belief system they had grown to trust in. This home grown enterprise brought with it a sublime sense of manifestation and positivity which became deeply integrated into the offerings from this atelier. The brand also offers bespoke art and design services with the same zeal, tailored exclusively to their client’s vision.

Each piece at 17th Art Street, is authentically hand-crafted from scratch, starting from the conceptualization till the final dispatch, with utmost attention to intricate detailing and uniqueness. Each creation leaving the studio, carries a part of the maker’s soul and a heap of positive vibes with it to its new home.


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