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All Mine! - Snap Bar Soy wax Melts
All Mine! - Snap Bar Soy wax Melts

All Mine! - Snap Bar Soy wax Melts

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All Mine! Snap Bar style Soy Wax Melts in some of our House favorite fragrances, with little heart embeds and dried lavender bud infusions are our all new Valentine special offering, this season.

Snap in smaller pieces, as much as you like and pop them in your oil burners or diffusers (non-ionic ones), light a tea light under your burners if they're non electric ones and bask in the pleasing aromas as these wax bars melt releasing sense tickling fragrances. 

Hand-poured, 100% Soy Wax Tart Melts, that melt with passion (burn these to find out what we mean! ).

Entirely handcrafted with Soy wax and finest fragrances free from Pthalates/Sulphates/Parabens and other harmful chemicals. Each piece can on an average be uses for about 4 times before they run out of the fragrance. (Calculated on an average burn time of 3-4 hours at a time)

Each Bar weighs approximately 40-50 gms

Perfect as gifts for you your loved ones or as little treats for yourself :)

100% PLANT BASED WAX, Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly. 



Use in Oil burners/diffusers* for a pleasing aroma. 

*Use an unscented Tea-light in the oil burner when using wax melts. Electric burners can also be used. Bigger/longer burning Soy wax Tea-lights allow for a much impactful fragrance.
For cleaning, once you feel all fragrance has been used up from the wax, simply melt the wax once again and absorb it in a kitchen towel or tissue.
*Recommended usage -  A minimum of one of the five segments in the Snap bar should be used in wax melter/Oil Burner at a time for a decent impact in a medium sized room. Burn within sight in a ventilated area. Have a ceiling fan on at low speed to enhance the fragrance circulation.

All Wax melts are made-to-order by me, to ensure you get the freshest batch with maximum fragrance impact, hence these are perpetually in stock.