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Fondness - Flower & Spice Collection
Fondness - Flower & Spice Collection

Fondness - Flower & Spice Collection

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Presenting "Fondness", an understated, lightweight piece, from our exclusive handcrafted Limited Edition Flower & Spice pendant Necklace Collection, made with Dried Flowers and Exotic Spices and Seeds.

It comes threaded through a durable, soft faux suede cord. This versatile accessory from the 17th Art Street Studio, is perfect for being adorned as an understated style statement for casual as well as semi-formal occasions.

This one-off collectible keepsake would also make as the choicest gift for your loved ones that they shall cherish for long...

(Read the making story, Flower & Spice - The Making, in our Studio Diaries Section)


Specifications: Pendant Size 4 x 3.2 cms. Necklace Length 8.5" (excl. pendant) extendable by 2"

About the Collection: Inspired by the rich repertoire of Exotic Indian Spices that form the core of the delectable Indian palate and have a plethora of creatively compelling textures, this unique collection has twenty one-off designs to choose from. Exclusively hand-crafted and hand-finished in-house, using a combination of mold-less, free-form, and mould casting techniques, this collection has an assortment of understated and statement pieces, in abstract organic shapes and small, clean, classic geometric shapes. The process of meticulously crafting each pendant has spanned over an average of five days.

Each piece from this collection is discrete, having a narrative vibe to it, that resonates with its collector in its own unique way. 

Each granule used in crafting these has been treated with much respect without wastage, and precisely hand-placed, as per the design plan in patterns that compliment their natural colours and organic forms in harmonious synergy.

These have a beautiful 'Glass-like' finish, though, these are much more resilient than glass accessories and almost unbreakable, so you could adorn these more often and more comfortably without much worry about accidental damage to our favourite pieces.


NOTE: This collection has few pieces that have both flowers and spices, and few with either of the two. This discretion was purely a creative call at the time of conceiving the look and feel of the collection :)